Thursday, 10 May 2012

Why do you hate her?,,,,, I just do thats why!

As well as drawing on the heartache of failed friendships and relationships I wanted to , for a t least one page focus on the envy and cruelty of my own sex, or a least certain sects of them. Admittedly it is rather tongue in cheek. Finding an image from the fortian times of a 'ghost' or dark figure completely covered Olivia and I thought it amusing to write down insulting worlds that may be thrown at other women, usually by our own sex I'm afraid to say.(we didn't use profanities as although people would use them , we didnt' want to lower ourselves to that and felt it more amusing to use a more educated approach) To finish this off we found some text from another 'trash' magazine stating that this figure left nothing to the imagination in what she wore. It was done to poke fun at this' type' of character, the type of girls who just basically don't like other women, possibly due to jealousy or insecurity , I don't know, but the point of this page was to draw on that and poke fun at how silly we feel it is to behave in such a manner, this is why the 'revealing woman' is the exact opposite, because we felt that that 'type' of person would always have something to say, even if there really  was nothing to be said.

The right hand side of the page was another picture taken from an article about female voters. I felt that the lady in the picture looked rather sad so again i changed the concept and thought, she looks as though she is getting rid of an old love letter, so wrote:

"When clearing out your closet it is both environmentally friendly and theraputic to recycle all your old love letters"   
I found it fit very well with the overall theme of our magazine.

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