Thursday, 10 May 2012

(Elizabeth A Sackler, 'Blood script')

I recently discovered Sackler whilst looking for feminist performance artists.  Although I liked her other pieces, this one I felt really stood out from the rest. I have always had a lot of time for people who are passionate about what they believe in, and Sackler is definatly one of these people.

In her piece 'Blood Script' she had a tattoo artist write both demeaning words whitch were thrown at Homosexuals on a daily basis along with the names of 438 homosexuals who had been killed in hate crimes. The tattooist didn't use ink so that when the needle went it only blood showed through.
I find this piece hard hitting and heartfelt, I feel Suckler is definatly one  of the people who understands that when you feel so strongly about something sometimes the only way you can make people see where you are coming from is to do something dramatic, unusual and very extreme. Sackler has definitely gained another fan.

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