Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sheffield Artist book prize 2013

Well I didn't win, but my little book of Horrors was in the exhibition
if you look very closely its right on the bottom shelf in the left hand corner. haha

Monday, 24 February 2014

Accidental Festival

so, I applied to play at Accidental Festival at Camden's round house theatre in London.. I must say I wasn't expecting to win, but as they say you have to be in it to win it, so I entered my act! I'd almost forgotten about it to be honest until I received an email telling me I'd been short listed. The next day I received another email telling me I'd won a place to play on the clore stage!

Now I was in a bit of shock , but I always said to myself, after all the competitions I've entered this year I WILL WIN ONE! ( was determine to make my mark at uni and win something before I left) and I can honestly say I think I've won the best one out of all the ones I did enter, as it allows me to perform illustrate sing and tell stories, all at the same time.

I have devised an act in which I am a sailor, sailing away on a sea of tears, my head in the clouds, my legs in the sea. Expect tales of love and loss, puppets, kitted bee hives and rock lobsters and of course all of this is sung on my ukulele.


I shall be on the clore stage in the round house Camden on Sunday the 25th some time in the evening ( exact time isn't confirmed yet , but watch this space.)


Leeds artist Book fair 2014

Just a little preview of some of the lovely things that I will have for sale at the book fair
The Leeds artist book fair will take place at The Tetley gallery in Leeds from the 7th - 9th May
please do come and say hello.

colonize New York

These two lovely images are on their way to New York (Jamestown) for the colonize exhibition, in association with the Henry Moore institute Leeds and Liverpool Tate gallery.
The theme is cross continental communication and colonization.
I used diagrams of the heart and brain to illustrate emotions and memories,
no words were needed, feelings and symbols of hope and love are recognised around the world. The colour was used to represent the inner body and also lighten the mood of the pieces.

works are priced at £60.00 each and limited editions are available directly from me.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Leeds artist book fair 2014


I shall be selling my books at Leeds artist book fair this year.

the show runs from the 7th March to the 9th,

please do come along and say hello

there will be colouring books including, The Trouble with Channel Swimming, and The Great Exhibition.

Paper doll books, tales from the forest and more