Friday, 26 April 2013

Hangman (round singing)

I've always been a fan of round singing and folk songs  ever since I was a child, however there seems to be a lack of people who want to sing with me, not being the sort of person to let a little thing like this get in my way I decided to stop waiting around for other people and just do it myself.

admittedly it isn't perfect, but I still like it.
I have a lot of new ideas and old poetry/ tales I want to re vamp into something much more wonderful and I think that perhaps round singing could possibly be a big part of that.

I like how the round sounds, it reminds me of something quite melancholy and chaotic, yet soothing at the same time, perhaps the way sirens of the sea may sound, haunting yet beautiful.

If you lack the company of other creative minds the best thing to do is be a one woman army!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

TT Twizzle (Adult Toys)

Now, if you're an adult who hasn't learnt your alphabet yet, and enjoys the ladies, this adult toy (learning device) is just the thing for you !
simply turn shake or shimmy with twizzle me twinkie and you too can learn your, C's,N's, G's and U's!
and remember you'll learn that T is for Twizzles and Tits !!

Kicking KIKI (automata)

See Kiki kick at the cabaret

Now I must stress that this is in no way meant to be racist or anti sematic, in fact I intended the exact opposite. Because Due to my interest in Weimar cabaret I discovered that a lot of cabaret acts actually found themselves in concentration camps due to their art. What better way to express the stupidity of this fact than by making an automata about it ?

keep your peepers peeled for moving images of kiki and her pals at the doll house

Rotating Ruby from the Rhine (automata)

Rotating Ruby

One of my first automata, (well if not the first, the first that actually looks nice as appose to being merely for comical value ,, yes that's means you Bessie Levit!)

keep your peepers peeled to see Ruby rotate in all her glory.

Tumbles,Twirls and Flips

Tumbles twirls and flips.
How could anyone possibly resist?

Bettie B

Bettie Balance
she can juggle up to six hot tea pots, an oversized spoon , and on a good day can precariously balance up to five pairs of sharp scissors,, (but it's best not to sit on the front row on a bad day)

"In here Everything is beautiful"

Wilkomen  wilcomen Madame and mien  Heer

The Cabaret girls are back, this time in all their show stopping mechanical glory.

we have adult toys, we have singing, we have dancing , we have tricks, kicks and more, so take your seats, because in here ,,,,,


Saturday, 6 April 2013

fun postcard set (seaside postcards)

well I have finally finished my set of 12 seaside postcards.

I'm extremely proud of them and think they have helped me develop a much more fun and comical way of working.
      Melancholy work can be beautiful, but I don't feel the need to make it any more, I may re visit it in time but for now , jolly bright and comical is the way forward.

the set will be displayed at Dewsbury Park museum in crows nest park.

sets are also available for purchase directly from me.