Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pretty little art books

oooooh look at them, aren't they pretty?
Don't you just want to own one of these?
I'm sure you do.

Hello there moody

I'm not the most colourful person within my illustration, but I thought I would add just a splash as in the real world , I am a very colourful character indeed.

The rest is pretty self explanatory I think,
This one is also available in a lovely little book, and post cards.

please do email me if you are interested.

Pearl White,, on the tracks

As you will know if you follow my blog , I love the wonderful Pearl white and so decided to imortalise her in one of my illustrations in  her famous train track scene.
again I have experimented with composition and typography,. hope you all enjoy.

ps ,, this delightful set is also available as a small book or postcards.. just saying !

Don't loose your head!

Alone in the dark

I have taken some of my beloved illustrations and started to experiment with different compositions.
I have used these to make a small concertina book named:
 Alone in the dark.
I shall post some more pictures soon, so if anyone is interested please do contact me.