Friday, 4 May 2012

(the exhibition)

I attended the second year exhibition at Dewsbury park yesterday evening. I immediately saw that the set out this time seemed more conventional and ordered than the previous future exhibition had been. I felt that this worked a lot better as the 'hidden gems' i spoke of in the last exhibition were no longer hidden and had their own place, which was a good thing. I felt that certain pieces in this exhibition really shone out from the rest, for example Sam Atkinson's 'Deus' piece was beautiful and i feel you could see within it the love, and sheer time effort and research that had gone into it. I think that perhaps this was without a doubt my favourite piece. I also loved the mourning jewelry by Hannah Tiffany it was delicate yet macabre and again I liked the connections that were made between the Bronte prescience in this area and the visual cultures of their time. I also loved the tall delicate sculptures (although i can't remember who did these) they were very beautiful.
  Reluctant to criticise anyone, some of the pieces i wasn't all too sure about, manly due to the fact i didn't really understand the connection with this area or the museum, but the pieces i mentioned i feel really shone out.

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