Wednesday, 30 May 2012

(DV8 'scene from The cost of living)

I studied the Dv8 physical theatre group many years ago during my performance art A level, and must say they are certainly one of the things that influenced me and have stuck with me all these years. I find their use of every day 'mundane' movements put into a dance routine very poetic and romantic in a way. I've always found physical theatre interesting and extremely emotive but DV8 were the first people , and i think perhaps the only people I have ever seen use performance in such a way, I've never seen any other group or individual use emotion and movement to physically portray feelings of frustration, love hate and indifference. The use of every day movement I feel is ingenious, it is simple in theory but when you see it put together I feel it is very powerful.

The piece above is one of my personal favourites, to me , it expresses beautifully the pent up anger and sheer frustration of ones struggle with mundanity in such a visually stunning way. Perhaps others may not see this as 'art' put I would class it as performance art, weather it is or not , I still love it.

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