Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Mancunian Matters

I've been featured on this rather lovely site.

Just a little bit about my Morrissey dolls and my art in general ,,

Manchester has shown myself and my art so much love , from mothers ruin to Mancunian matters , they have been much more welcoming where my art is concerned than my own city and for that i am very thankful ,, god bless ya Mozchester

I'm very pleased with this little feature indeed give it a read

Witchy women

Halloween is coming up so I decided to celebrate with two of my favorite little witches ,, there are more to come ,,

available now at

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Five more Years Of Hell

It goes without saying that I hate the Conservative government, I've always believed that if a person doesn't respect animals in turn you can't expect any respect out of them for humans either.

These terrible people are now in charge yet again ( god knows how) and the decent people of the world have a huge fight on our hands!

It goes without saying that I am not a person who holds any kind of position of power, but as an artist I can use my art to fight and make people aware of the scumbags we are dealing with!

What can we expect of a man who wants to bring back hunting , has condoned the killing of thousands of beautiful and innocent badgers,,, well we can expect no respect for the rights of humans either,,,

I had to do this illustration out of sheer anger. The tory government have never brought good news to anyone other than the arrogant super rich! who don't care about anyone but themselves and their bigoted views

F you Cameron !

The decent people won't put up with you and we will fight you in any way we can, (even if that is just by spreading the word through art)

Friday, 8 May 2015

Help me leave the uk !

I feel quite sick to my stomach about last night election results, I have felt like I don't belong in England for a long time, aside from my family and some select friends this place has nothing to offer me. I never married or had children so that I could have a fun life, and instead I feel as though I am rotting in a job I hate to pay my way whilst struggling to make enough sales on the art front.
    Last nights events further established the fact that I live among idiots! I can't even begin to even try to understand why people would vote for someone who has raped their country!

I've decided that I am going to leave the UK ,, there is nothing keeping me here, I need to go somewhere my talents might be appreciated , I can't rot here any longer just surviving and not living.
All England has given me is a string of shitty boyfriends , a boat load of crappy friends (not all of them but a lot of people I've had dealings with) and a big up yours in the art world

Please help me raise enough money to move and share this link, buy if you can and just help me get out of here.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Re inventing Alice

I recently took up the opportunity to enter yet another competition. The brief was to 're create Alice in wonderland, it is in conjunction with Etsy and The British Library.

Being a huge lover of cats I decided that Alice in wonderland was almost perfect , but realized that everything can be improved when you add more cats !

here are my wares

All Available at Charlies Crazy Couture

The Cheshire cat

 The red Queen
 Tweedle Tom and Tweedle she
 Gift sets /note cards

 The mad Catter

Bianca Del Rio , and more Dragarama

Now I've grown very fond of a wonderful show named RuPauls Drag Race,, and my favorite Queen of all is Bianca Del Rio , she just makes me smile, she's full of sass and that's the way I like my Queens

Some of my favorite Bianca moments / comments

Not Today Satan

I was raised by wolves bitch


Really Queen?

Available at Charlies Crazy Couture

I'm Back With lots of Drag !!

I have been very neglectful of my blog recently , so , if anyone still reads this , I am still alive and I have been working very hard on lots of lovely new stock for Charlies Crazy couture

Stand by ,,

I've always been a huge fan of Drag Queens, so I decided why not spread that love.

We begin with my most beloved Queen Divine

We have Divine:
 Birthday cards
Note card sets
t shirts
and lets not forget The Filthiest colours Alive adult colouring book !

All available at : Charlies Crazy Couture