Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Have you heard?

This piece was inspired by one of my favourite Shakespearean characters, the Lady Ophelia. I love the woe and exuberance she expresses for the loss of her father and for her lover Hamlet. I find something extremely poetic in the way Ophelia is on the verges of madness yet seems at one with nature, and find it all the more beautiful that she seems to drown by accident rather than taking her own life which one might expect from her behaviour. It is tragically beautiful.
I believe that in life when people don't understand or just tend not to like something for one reason or another, they often take the low road and declare that thing or person mad. I personally think the world would be full of absolute dullards if there weren't any 'mad' people. So as well as an homage to one of my favourite characters I have also created this piece as a statement on 'madness' I'm sure many people have had this word thrown at them , but the more i hear it , the more I laugh and feel quite blessed, because after all some of the greatest people in history have had that 'insult' thrown at them , and it never stopped one of them it just made the world a much more beautiful and interesting place. So , if anyone ever calls any of you mad , just smile and know that you are actually quite an amazing person,( people just don't understand that yet)

This piece is my second attempt as drawing water, i feel it has improved a little from the picture i did of the sad bear in the woods,, there is much more detail in there and i feel it does look a little more like water than my last attempt. again i feel i have caught the cats character quite nicely within her facial features and have also tried to make the background setting much more elaborate, although i still think this needs to be developed further. over all , very happy with my progress

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