Saturday, 5 May 2012

Love rats

This was a last minute idea i had for my drawing book. I love the sentiment behind it but must admit my heart wasn't fully in this one. I think perhaps because I'm not too comfortable drawing 'ugly' things, but i suppose lie rs are never pretty creatures so it had to be done. I still like it but i don't think the line quality and background are quite as good as my previous work. In hind sight I think i could have worked on the background a little more. Considering the meaning behind this image I wish i had have put more into the background such as having discarded underwear, bits of jewellery , perhaps heeled shoes etc,, as the meaning behind the image was about 'lovers lies' affairs and deceit, The moments when you realise another has helped themselves to what is yours. The only incling of this is the ragged hair pieces in the rats hands and coming out of the bins. So if i were to do this again I would pay more attention to the little details to make the image more meaningful.

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