Sunday, 6 May 2012

(Tim walker Italian Vogue)

I was recently shown these pictures by one of my friends who stumbled across them accidentally whilst looking for early Courtney Love pictures. I must say i am so glad she did. When i look at them I feel he has created a sickly sweet world, the use of colour is reminiscent of a typically 'girly' childhood, but the dolls faces seem macabre and leave you feeling ill at ease ( in the best possible way of course) I'm not sure if the artist intended this but when i look at these images I have a sense of stereo types, perhaps this wasn't intentional, but I feel when you look at the model she doesn't look all that happy, perhaps it is a comment on the typical 'You must be 'girlie', play with dolls and be pretty' type of stereo type, almost doll like.( not that i personally feel there is anything wrong with that) Maybe that's just my interpretation of it, but even if that isn't the case i still love these images.

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