Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Morrissey Paper Doll Book

I love him that much I made a Morrissey paper Doll, He has actually been quite popular , so I am now working on a Robert Smith Doll,

The Morrissey paper doll book entitled 'It takes cuts to be gentle and kind' is available to order from my Etsy shop :

Keep your eyes peeler for Rober Smith coming soon !

Reviews from Mothers Ruin performance

Haus of Fhag
Charlotte Victoria Furness, the sailorwench-cum-bundle of wool (she wore a home-knitted wig. Obviously) performed a handful of enchanting but slightly unsettling songs, including a love song for her GBF and a ditty about harbouring a secret pregnancy. Her contrast between innocence (with Beanie Babies pinned to her dress) and slight mania gave her songs that slight sprinkling of crazy that edged them away from being cute and straying more into the realms of fascinating discomfort. 

So so gay magazine
Our first act of the evening was the splendid Charlotte Victoria Furness, bedecked in her home knitted red beehive wig and sailor get-up, complete with sewn-on stuffed animals. Performing with her ukulele, she gave us a whistle-stop tour of her recent love life, from a pregnancy kept from a soon to be ex, to falling in love with a ‘Friend of Dorothy’.  What sounds like a fairly uncomfortable few minutes of listening was quite the opposite, largely due to Furness’ charm and dry wit that shone through in her lyrics.

Brian Gorman
The public review
Highlights included Charlotte Victoria Furness, a charming young lady who came across as a gentle mix of Victoria Wood, Sarah Millican, and Morrissey. Although the themes were pretty familiar – the pursuit of a nice man, weight issues, etc – they were explored with genuine wit, warmth, and alluring self-deprecation. The odd rude remark about semen being a little at odds with the rest of her material – one suspects inserted for this particular audience.

The Sea Of Tears performance at Mothers Ruin Queer Cabaret Manchester

Last Month I sailed on over to Manchester's Roadhouse to play at Mothers Ruin Cabaret. It was an absolutely wonderful show full of Drag queens glam, comedy and music,, what a fabulous place to be.
I really LOVED playing here Mothers Ruin is such a fantastic variety/ cabaret show and well worth a visit ! I felt like I was in Wiemar Germany.

I also got a lot of lovely reviews written about me ,, which is a nice bonus !

Enjoy xx