Thursday, 6 September 2012

You Can't photo shop personality! FACT

I wrote this song last night and recorded it this morning , so it isn't perfect, but I like it anyway. I was inspired by a photo that had been edited to say "personality can not be photo shopped" This statement made me smile and reminded me of a lot of people who use the Internet to manipulate and bully, loading their own insecurities upon others, For example the fashion magazines who photo shop models that heavily that the shape they end up as is NOT attainable resulting in thousands of eating disorders. I also thought about all the people who use the Internet as a bullying device and source of manipulation. I think that technology and media is a wonderful thing, in the hands of those who use it responsibly for the things it was created for, but feel that in the wrong hands it can be a terrible thing. I wrote this song as a tongue in cheek dig at these kinds of people , because I feel that they should remember that life isn't an on line computer network! there is a big beautiful world out there, and it doesn't all need to be manipulated on photo shop, please don't waste your life been spiteful on line and creating negative media. Use technology for all the good things you can create and spread,, and remember , you may be able to manipulate images , but personality can never be photo shopped!

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