Monday, 17 September 2012

(The lady in the radiator, Eraserhead,, David Lynch)

I've always loved Eraserhead. Its macabre and unsettling, yet I've always found its darkness very appealing. I love this character, mainly because I find this songs haunting appeal something quite beautiful, I like the way she has a beautiful voice and from a far would seem quite 'pretty' and appealing, but if you look closely you see these hugely disfigured cheeks. The idea of a strange, tiny lady living inside the radiator and performing strange acts is just something I find intriguing , I couldn't tell you why. I just do.
 I've seen this film so many times  and I could loosely describe the story, but couldn't actually begin to decipher the meaning behind most of it, perhaps that's just me, never the less the visuals  used within it keep drawing me back again and again. God bless David Lynch!!

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