Thursday, 20 September 2012

(Oscar dear oscar)

I've been reading a book about the life of Oscar Wilde's wife by Franny Moyle named:
Constance, The Tragic And Scandalous Life Of Mrs Oscar Wilde

As I was reading today I found the most charming quote describing Oscar Wilde and thought I would share it with you all as it instantly made me smile and feel so happy that amongst the dregs of today's dumbed down society who are compelled by reality TV stars  and trash magazines, a culture of people who care nothing for talent or hard work, that there are indeed still wonderful writers and real artists in the world from the past and the present, and I felt this quote was a beautiful summation of Wilde's character in just one sentence, it read:

"Controversial and unapologetic, a man who captivated people with his magnetic personality, fabulous wit and magical storytelling, he was the embodiment of charm, genius and arrogance bundled into one"  -Franny Moyle

What a beautiful collection of words put so poetically to describe this wonderful man.

Of course the whole book is written beautifully, but this was just one of the things that instantly stood out. I can't stress how important literature is to me, and reading beautifully written pieces such as this inspire me in so many ways.

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