Wednesday, 19 September 2012

(Katie Jane Garside Darling they found the Body)

I know I've written about Katie Jane Garside before , but I really do admire her work in all it's forms.  The video I have shown here is from the 'Darling they found the body' exhibition
I find Garside enchanting, and always have, I've seen her many times and always admire that certain quality she has, she is this elusive ,magical ,mad genius  in my eyes. I feel she teeters on the edge of madness and beauty, and the combination creates her perfection. I've rarely heard her speak, but in this performance she still has a melodic way of speaking, she isn't quite singing , but isn't quite speaking. She intrigues me because she and her work represent to me, something other worldly, she seems to be in this world but not of it.
I like the shaky, blurry quality of this film too, it adds to the 'maddness' and the melodic ramblings. I love the way she speaks and the language she uses, it's like an inner dialogue, and reminds me of a contemporary Shakespeare style performance, reminiscent of something lady Macbeth might have said.

I really hope that she does more of these types of performances, as I find them raw and extremely beautiful.

 Katie Jane Garside continues to entertain and inspire me in all she does, and I must admit, that she represents to me a woman who seems to be somewhat of a one woman army, she is never surrounded by people, she seems rather reclusive, and keeps herself to herself, although expresses so many emotions through her art. I personally admire people like this because they prove to me that you can survive alone and be successful. Sometimes it's good to work in a huge group of people and makes scene , but other times, it isn't necessary and beautiful things can still be created.

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