Saturday, 29 September 2012

Make up doesn't make me!

I made this video as a response to a feminist theory called the 'Beauty myth'  I class  myself as a feminist, but understand that a lot of people stereotype 'the feminist' I do wear makeup and 'pretty dresses' I like them and I always have, however I do not use makeup and 'pretty dresses' because I feel insecure, which quite sadly I feel a lot of women do, due to advertising and media creating a negative body image and attitude. I made this as a response to both the stereotyping of 'the typical feminist' and also to just reiterate the fact that makeup does not make me (or any one else) I feel intelligence, personality and attitude make a person.
 However I do like makeup, but feel that as long as you have a mind underneath it all your integrity will always be intact.

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