Sunday, 9 September 2012

Do it yourself 1940's hat

It's no secret I love vintage style. But I find the most coveted accessories rather expensive, so I adopted my usual 'lets just make it myself' attitude.
             At first I experimented with felts and tried to make a small pill box style hat, it did work, but wasn't the style i was after. Now , the next part will probably cause a raised eyebrow or two, but it works and it creates the style I was looking for,,,,, The base of the hat is made from a broken, plain black bra!! shock horror!
 Obviously the green trim stitching and bow have been added to the cup. After I'd finished this and actually tried it on, I felt rather satisfied as the hat is a really snug fit, on the inside of the cup/hat I have sewn a large hair comb so the hat can be secured to my head.
 Also the hat can be worn two ways, the bow at the front or at the back creating a v shaped front with comes down onto the forehead. Whichever way you choose to wear it, it looks adorable!

   So girls, if you find yourself with broken bras, don't throw them in the bin! DE wire and D I Y !

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