Friday, 14 September 2012

(The Herb Garden)

When I was a little girl I used to love going to stay at my grandmas house. Every time I went there we would walk down into Batley and up into the small arcade which is now abandoned save one shop, but when I was Little the arcade was alive with small businesses, my favourite of all was the video shop, our destination. Every time we visited the small video rental shop my grandma would say :
"You can pick any two videos you'd like"
and without falter I would always walk up to the same section, the section housing all the Herb garden videos, and would ALWAYS pick two of these.
I still watch the Herb garden today. It's another childhood 'animation experience' that has made a lasting impression on me. Firstly I love the style of these films, the characters are so full of fun and life, they create a magical escape, not that I ever needed an escape as a child, as a child I was extremely happy, although now that I'm older they provide this escape not only through the magic of the animation , but also because they remind me of how happy I was, and always bring back the memories of when we used to visit the video shop.

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