Sunday, 19 February 2012

(trevor Brown)

I must admit that Trevor Brown has been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine for a long time. I think he is one of the type of artists that you either love or hate. A lot of his work, infact all of his work is extreamly pornographic, usually  potraying , what seem to be young 'doll like' girls often battered and bruised in various promiscuous situations. Is this wrong? probabelly. i know a lot of people feel his work is quite sick but maybe thats the point , i still like it, well the majority, some of his ink drawings are far too vile for my liking, depicting extream bondage and various bodily fluids, thats a bit too far for me, but the sickly cute doll like images, although i admit they are extreamly perverted do interest and even inspire me. I think that the risk and 'sickening' element in them is all part of their appeal, you know you should be discusted , but parts of it are cute and pretty, so you find yourself strangely compelled by his images. I mean the man even illustrated alice in wonderland and put a pornographic stint on it.

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