Sunday, 19 February 2012

(Nicoletta Ceccoli)

I descovered nicoletta Ceccoli a couple of years ago when a friend brought me a post card back from Paris with one of her illustrations on, saying that this reminded her of me. the image was a menancholy looking  half spider half girl. I took this as a complement. From then i looked into her work and found that she has illustrated a lot of books, mainly childrens books with macabre stories in them. I love her work because although it is dark in its theme, it is presented in a rather innocent way. When i look at her work it reminds me of when i was a little girl sat reading my books and drawing , it gives me the same sence of security i had when i was a little girl, yet its mingled with the insecurities and sadness of growing up and living in the real world where things aren't quite as magical as they should be or might have seemed when you were a little girl. I think this mix of childhood security and happiness spliced with sadness and reality potrayed in Ceccoli's work is all part of the overwhelming charm of the worlds she creates.

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