Thursday, 9 February 2012

cat litter

I thought it would last forever, but nice things seldom do.
I thought a heart could only break two thousand times, and could be fixed with super glue.
i thought if i carried on sticking and sticking, and padding up the holes with cat litter that it might soak up all the pain, but instead it just felt gritty and dirty like a cheap carrier bag with too many bottles of milk inside bursting at the seams, cutting your hands and sacrificing your milk to the gods of the pavement.
I thought it could last forever, but glimmers of hope are cheap
I thought a heart could only throb so many times before it eventually died,,
but now i have this rotten lump of glue, cat litter and a thousend empty dreams.
I thought that  i could fix myself, but i have proven myself wrong.

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