Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I liked him so much more before he let his mask slip

Again this is based on an emotional response to a situation in my life, and i'm sure many other  peoples lives. I've noticed that often in life and especially in 'love' people put their best mask on and pretend to be someone and something that will never hurt you, but over time everyones mask slips and leaves the other person feeling like the bewildered little lamb, wondering 'who is this person i said i loved?'

I haven't used any backgroud on this image as i wanted people to focus on the characters and nothing more. I didn't want a background to detract from this. Also i feel that characters situation is meant to give a feeling of bewilderment and isolation , i feel a white background amplifies this feeling of bewilderment , you feel so lost at this sudden reveal, the person you thought you loved wasn't real at all, it was just a mask, just another lie.

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