Monday, 27 February 2012

(Roman Dirge)

Ever since i was a teenager Roman Dirge and his bizare and darkly beautiful creepy little tales of a dead girl named Lenore and her companions, Raggamuffin, Taxidermy, Muffin man and many a dead kitty have kept me smiling through a lot. They have everything in them that makes my heart feel a little less burdened. There  are references to Poe, (who i must say is a poet i find myself obsessed by) There are many a story of unrequited love with a character called Mr Gosh and lots of other creepy ,sad yet witty little tales. Dirge has also created other comics and short illustrated stories such as The Monsters In My Tummy,, a charmingly dark poem about a heart been broken and all the good and bad feelings battling it out inside your body (all depicted as macabre characters). Although his work is rather dark and macabre it does make me laugh an awful lot and again makes me feel like i'm not so alone in the things i feel and think.

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