Monday, 27 February 2012

(Katie Jane Garside) Darling They Found The Body

''they drag the canal, i swim with birds, here is my stone dress ...''

Katie Jane Garside has always been one of my favourite performers, Mainly for her singing but also for her performance art. Again her work , both musical and performance is dark ,moody, full of emotion, angst and heartache. Darling they found the body was a series of photographs of Garside, depicted i feel as a woman on the edge, fragile yet strong but still tipping over into insanity. She has always created these worlds through all of her work, magical yet real, an emotional landslide at times but still very raw and beautiful. I only hope that Garside continues with her performance art as well as her musical career, i felt that this exibition was raw, and fresh, i think a lot of people are afraid to show that 'crazy' side, but raw emotion is something i feel very commected to, although i dont do the same thing in the same way as Garside in my personal work , i feel that i still have that raw emotion that the brings out in all her work, this is why i feel so heavily influenced by her and also her lyrics.

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