Sunday, 19 February 2012

(Robert morgan)

A fiew weeks ago i was looking on 'itsnicethat' and i descovered an artist named Robert Morgan. I remember seeing his 'The cat with hands' animation many years ago and it was something that has stuck with me until this day, i could never remember the name of the artist and so needless to say i was delighted when his portfolio poped up on its nice that. As i viewed his other animations and art work i began to like his macabre vision of the word, or at least the worlds he creates through his work. There is a strong sence of melancholy and loss throughout all of his work. A feeling of nervousness and unease, a feeling that the world seems quite cruel and that nothing ever really has a happy ending, but despite all of this grim representation there is a certain charm, innocence and tenderness about his work that i feel works beautifully together. if you are interested in the macabre then i would definatly recomend you look at Robert morgans work.

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