Thursday, 9 February 2012

The lonely mermaid

There once was a mermaid living deep in the sea, whos only wish was to feel happy.
Now deep in the ocean all mermaids are born, from a pearl and some seaweed wrapped up in a ball.
Their hearts are removed and taken away, to a secret reef guarded by the octupai.

Most mermaids are happy and gay and free, but this little mermaid just could not be, although she had everything that most did not have, she felt something missing, she called this her 'sad' she  could not quite place just why she felt blue, but had heard of a place where things called 'hearts' grew.

So awayshe swam to a forbidden land rulled by the octopus, who she'd heard had eight hands! Her friends called her crazy, "stay here and play" but she did not heed and just swam away.
Many wise sea folk warned "STOP, STAY AWAY!" but onward she swam, far, far away until she came to the land where they 'did' have eight hands.

Every hand held a weapon to guard this new 'thing' she swam super careful, not sure what they'd bring, but she found them quite gentle in a perculiar way.
They sang as they spoke, a song of olden days, when mermaids had hearts that always seemed to break. Each word brought new tears to each octopus eye
"Dont keep them too long for no good can come from a heart gone wrong"
They sang and they sang and were blinded by tears.

But this little mermaid indignant and strong, coveted these 'hearts' even if they had gone wrong. She swam through the reef until she came to her name,, Octavia Rose
Clasping both sides she tugged hard and true, until this thing called a heart gave off a strange red hue. The next thing she knew there came a pain in her chest.
Not used to this weight she began to cry, although momenterily she did feel happy inside. Under the weight of this new joy the mermaid swam home unaware that all that lie ahead was nothing but greaf.

Full of glee at first, the mermaid twirled with joy and would dance on top of the ocean to entice the pretty boys. But soon there came a grumble from deep within her chest, just been in there wasn't enough, and it demanded to be fed.
So she took on many 'a' lover and tried to do her best, but each boy took a slice of 'it' and just left her feeling depressed.

As blue as she had ever felt she'd never felt this dark, she tried to pull the last slice out but found it far too hard.
As the mermaid lay there dying she finally understood that hearts were just a waste of time and did noone any good.

So if you read this story and are curious about love, remember this lonely mermaid and that hearts should only be used to pump blood!

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