Sunday, 29 April 2012

(Nancy Wiley)

I came across Nancy Wiley by accident whilst looking for a different Alice in wonderland animation. I looked her up and found she is a doll maker (not animator as I'd previously thought) I find her dolls beautiful and magical, it does help that she  has created another version of Alice, as anyone who does that already has a place in my heart. I enjoyed listening to her explain her thought process for her character development, for instance she has changed the mad hatters hat to an upside down tea pot, (because he was mad and drank tea) it does seem so simple but makes sense. I could relate to this and see a similarity in the thought process she uses and my own.

I like the fact that she is working in a three dimensional way , yet is using her work for so much more  than just using her dolls as objects alone, she uses them to create stories and books and i think that makes me realise just how wide your range of skills can be.

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