Wednesday, 11 April 2012

(Hans Bellmer)

I recently discovered Hans Bellmer's doll like sculptures in Tate Liverpool. I was instantly drawn to the glass cabinet sitting on top of a shocking pink pedestal, I'm sure the colour had something to do with the intrigue but what was in the cabinet instantly reminded me of the work of Trevor brown. It was vulgar, thrust into your face, I was left fascinated yet repulsed, with the same thought that fills my mind when I look at Browns work, I found it quite 'pretty' aesthetically pleasing, yet could obviously see that the image in front of me represented a child's body, so felt quite uncomfortable looking at it and wondering if i did like it or not, and wondering if I should.
     I later found out that Bellmer created these dolls in the middle of the Holocaust, and from finding this out could possibly begin to understand why he had created these sculptures, obviously none of his works have faces , perhaps this is a comment on the many pits of mangled bodies that may as well have been faceless, amongst these were numerous children , so to me his work seems to be a comment on the times he was living in.

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