Tuesday, 24 April 2012

for the love of Wilde

This piece was made as part of our magazine collaboration. I was inspired by one of my favourite Oscar Wilde quotes:
"We're all in the gutter , but some of us are looking up at the stars"
I've often looked upon this quote as inspiration when bitterness and lies have been thrown at me. I just find the sentiment very beautifully written, like Shakespeare often did, i find it brings a tear to my eye when something is written as a metaphor, there's something quite magical about it.
All of this aside, referring back to my own work, this is , i suppose my own version of Wilde's quote, and what i take from the meaning behind it.

In life  i believe you should treat others as you would wish to be treated. if someone doesn't have as much as you , then share what you have, If someone is lonely then show them they have a friend, if someone is ill educated then help them to obtain knowledge, never bow to jealousy, there really is no point. never be cruel, if you look at something beautiful appreciate it , don't be green with envy, aspire to make yourself all you can be. And always be polite and kind. These simple qualities are the things i feel make one of the people who are 'looking up at the stars'

However in my version i chose to focus of the people who are the opposite of this, the ones Wilde spoke of and described as the people who were merely in the gutter.
I take these people to be selfish , full of bitterness and lies, envious of anything they don't have or that is 'better' than what they have, people who i feel expect everything to just come to them, without working for it, without trying, just taking and never giving, the type of people who would blame anybody but themselves for their miss fortunes, and usually blame the people who gave them everything. These people i described as the people who would be forever face down in the gutter, expecting the stars to leap from the sky.
I hope Wilde would be proud of this .

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