Sunday, 29 April 2012

(Marco Evaristti)

I recently saw this piece of art on a television show where people had to  make bids for artifacts and art works they wanted to obtain and sell on , I cant remember the name of the program, but that doesn't matter. I was immediately intrigued by this , admittedly, if it is true that the piece is made from the golden fillings and teeth of the dead Jews from Auschwitz it is a very macabre and sickening thing. Although once i read up on the reasons the artist gave for making this piece, i understood why he'd made it and although it is still 'horrid' and gives you an uncomfortable feeling and a chill down your spine i find myself feeling quite fond of it. If not just for the reasoning behind the piece. Everyone knows of the horrors that went on in the death camps but i feel to actually put this in a piece of sculpture it really makes you look and in a way 'rubs your nose it it' it make you look and feel disgusted but i think that's the point to represent great cruelty and loss but present it in such an elaborate way.

Evaristti said the exhibit wasn’t just a reminder of the death associated with the Holocaust, but also of the looting the Nazis conducted.

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