Sunday, 25 March 2012

One for sorrow, with a bit of luck

This is the latest offering from my drawing book. I'm extreamly pleased with the way in which my work is moving, my characters seem to be more alive and vivid than they ever have been, I still like to put typography with my work but feel that my illustrations are getting better and better, so much so that i feel you could look at them and understand and work out what was going on in them without the writing.
this idea came to me when i saw two magpies nesting in the tree in my garden, this warmed my heart as it is a fact that magpies mate for life, and so if i see one alone i always feel a bit sad as they ether havent found anyone yet , or their mate has dies, either way they are alone. Then i got on to thinking, what if they had chosen a partner and ended up realising they resented or hated them , if they mated for life the only way out would be death. I like this image as we can clearly see that the lady magpie is poisoning a cup of tea,, what i like about it is that we dont know who she is poisoning the tea for,, is she killing her husband , or herself?

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