Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Benson's regret

Benson's regret is based on my uncles dog (yes Benson is a real dog) It all began when my uncle was telling me a story about when he and Benson had been walking through the woods together, he tolled me that in this particular wood there lived an owl, which he had named Alan the owl. Benson had befriended Alan and often liked to go and see him on their long walks in the woods, however Alan had enemies, these enemies were/are four large crows, whom my uncle said liked to 'bully Alan the owl, flying up to his nest and causing general mayhem and upset. Benson didn't like this at all and every time he went to see Alan the crows would always be there. Benson , been the chivalrous chap he is always had a fight with these four crows, they would swoop down and peck at him , but he would always fight them just to defend his friend Alan. This is a long and arduous situation that is still going on to this day. I found this story amusing and also very romanticised at the same time, how a dog could befriend an owl that he'd met in the woods and want to defend him against these bullies. The way in witch my uncle tolled the story made me immediately imagine these crows as crooked looking villains who would creep up on travellers and mug them, i then thought they would look 'funny' yet sinister with weapons, i find crows rather dark and sometimes intimidating to look at anyway and thought this would add to the general feel of unease.
I'm very fond of this image as i feel my mark making has definitely developed over the past few months. I'm pleased with the way in witch my story can be seen within the image as i have used background to further illustrate the situation.

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