Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Lovers Grim , puurfect Gun,(jess and moi)

This is a song i wrote when i was feeling rather frustrated yet cathartic towards a certain person and situation. I have always turned to art and music in some form to 'heal me' this is one of those situations. I recorded this with my friend Jess as i feel our voices complement each other. It's also another one of my attempts to try and relate to a wide audience of other perhaps disheartened individuals. Sometimes you can shout so loudly that you lose all ability to speak, yet no matter how much you and everyone else can see what is going on, the only person you want to understand and see refuses to. I suppose it is a song about my frustrations when i have lost my voice,, or perhaps i never even had one, at least not to the person i wanted to be heard by.

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