Sunday, 25 March 2012

The bad faerie's tooth collection kit

I made this yesterday as part of my collaboration project, we were asked to do something with a matchbox. When making this piece i firstly thought, what's tiny enough to fit inside a matchbox ?, I then thought about teeth, as they were one of the few things i imagined you could place inside a match box that seemed quite interesting. As usual my themes usually revolve around love , loss heart break and revenge, obviously with a sprinkle of the macabre on top. So as not to disappoint i turned this into a revenge theme. I've always adored faerie tales and loved how in folk lore faeries are very dark characters indeed, nothing like Hollywood and Disney would have you believe. I manipulated some of these folk tales of changelings, revenge and mischief and made it something of my own. I thought, what if there was a faerie who solely dealt in revenge? she'd go round to the liars, heart breakers and adulterers houses in the dead of night and rip out their teeth and stitch their mouths, i had the idea that she could collect the teeth as though the teeth contained the lies people had told, i thought obviously teeth are in your mouth so would have 'witnessed' as it were all the lies that had passed the lips, so thought maybe the teeth could harbour these feelings and lies,, the character i invented would collect all of these as a way or revenge against these people. The kit contains:
 1 bottle of ether
(to silence their screams)
1 pair of pliers
1 tooth collection jar
1 needle (to stitch up their mouth so they can't tell)
1 spool of yellow thread ( the colour of cowards)
1 skeleton key

I'm very proud of this piece not just for its aesthetics but also for its context. I have tried to make the kit look very dirty and worn as though it has had a lot of use, as I'm sure if my faerie did exist she would have her work cut out. I have deliberately refrained from using a lot of colour as i thought if i were to use red as blood spatter it may cheapen my idea, as it is so obvious that the box would have blood on it, i feel that by using black to represent the blood it makes my box look ever more frightening than if red were to be used as the black could be blood, or dirt or rust,, who knows, it adds to the mystery. The only colour i have used is the yellow thread to further draw on my theme of cowardice, using the yellow thread to represent this. The tooth collection jar has red blood inside and also contains individually hand crafted teeth . The bottle of ether is purple, not to represent anything, i just like the colour. Overall i am very proud of this piece, i like its aesthetic appeal i like its meaning and the story i have created for it. On the back of the box and on a label for the box is a poem i wrote to go with this character and theme:

If you've been bad make no mistake
the tooth faerie will stake her claim.
Be thee lier, heart breaker, adulterer and more
She'll slice the tongues of deceitful whores.
Fear all yee cowards, backstabbers and biter
she comes while you sleep to collect your deceit.

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