Friday, 15 June 2012

Jamie Reid at the Temple works leeds

I attended this wonderful exhibition last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. The venue itself is beautiful, and add an iconic artist such as Reid's work to this mix and you have a wonderful combination. There are original sex pistols screen prints and collages up along side new pieces, my favourite works were Reid's ink drawings, they were so different to his iconic punk rock collages and prints, they still had the same angst and meaning behind them as his early work, but visually were a great distance apart, i think the contrast was beautiful and worked very well.
I feel so privileged that I had the opportunity to see this collection of work and actually meet and be in the presence of such a visually influential man. When I think of punk rock I always associate the whole culture with Reid ( amongst others) and I'm sure that most people do, for one mans work to have such an influence , well i find it beautiful and something to aspire to.

I almost forgot to mention Reids tee pees , This is where I am on the photograph. inside were beds and sheets with iconic prints on them. I found it very kitch and cute (although I'm not sure that's a very punk rock thing to say , but that's what i thought, and I liked this)

The photographs were not taken by myself They are by my friend Elliot!/oatjelly

Lastly I would just like to say if you like street art, the temple works is definitely the place to go. resident artists were there in force last night creating beautiful work before your very eyes!

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