Saturday, 30 June 2012

A girl enchanted by books

I made this piece this morning. I must point out that my original idea was to film this, however I didn't have anyone to film for me.
 I will admit that once I have ideas in mind, I have to do it straight away and experiment, I am a very impatient girl where ideas and executing them is concearned. So with noone around to help
  I decided I would continue with the techniques I have been using and thought it would be quite charming to experiment with stop motion techniques on real life models,, or me as far as this is concearned. I think I actually prefer the look of this to what I might have ended up with if I had filmed it live. I like the jerkie quality and as I'd intended to speed this film up anyway to give the asthetics of a silent 20's film reel I feel that the speed of the movements within the stop motion have given this film a quirky yet somewhat '20's' macabre feel to it.

Again this is part of a larger project I am working on

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