Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dancing with myself

I've been working on this all day and have only just finished it.
I am extremly happy with it. There are however a few mistakes that I wasn't aware of when I was filming, but for the moment I feel they are quite minor. The picture does seem to appear quite jerky at times, I think this is due to the fact I did this all alone and occasionally knocked the tripod whilst i was moving my characters.
This been said i feel that for a second attempt at stop motion this is rather charming. I'm pleased with the contrast of the jive dance and the rather melancholic version of Billy Idol's 'Dancing with myself'
I did consider having something more up beat to match the jive dance but then thought that the juxtaposition of something sad along side something jolly and bright would work rather well. I think it represents my characer very well.

After working on this I feel extremly excited to explore animation techniques and also want to challange myself to perfect my stop motion skills.

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