Friday, 8 May 2015

Help me leave the uk !

I feel quite sick to my stomach about last night election results, I have felt like I don't belong in England for a long time, aside from my family and some select friends this place has nothing to offer me. I never married or had children so that I could have a fun life, and instead I feel as though I am rotting in a job I hate to pay my way whilst struggling to make enough sales on the art front.
    Last nights events further established the fact that I live among idiots! I can't even begin to even try to understand why people would vote for someone who has raped their country!

I've decided that I am going to leave the UK ,, there is nothing keeping me here, I need to go somewhere my talents might be appreciated , I can't rot here any longer just surviving and not living.
All England has given me is a string of shitty boyfriends , a boat load of crappy friends (not all of them but a lot of people I've had dealings with) and a big up yours in the art world

Please help me raise enough money to move and share this link, buy if you can and just help me get out of here.

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