Friday, 30 November 2012

Another world full of lovely creatures

I've been using photo shop a lot more lately, at first I was wary and didn't want to rely completely upon it, and I still don't  but the more I use it the more I realise it is a form of collage , just like the collage puppets I was creating out of coloured papers. I must admit I found this all out my accident as I decided to work this out whilst I was ill and basically wasn't up to finding all my papers and cutting it all precisely. I must admit , I love some of the results I have been coming out with. I feel the images still look other worldly , but have now become a little more 'fun' and quite bonkers, in fact this is defiantly a world I would love to inhabit!
I've drawn a lot of influence from the work of Graham Rawle and Analle Carlstrom. My aim is to make everything in this new world ,( located on the edge of the dark forest) bizarre, fun and other worldly.

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