Wednesday, 10 October 2012

If I only Had a Heart

So I have eventually worked out how to do things on my video editing program, at long last!  I've placed the original file on here as appose to the one I've put on you tube, I''m not sure what happened but once it went onto you tube , the quality wasn't very good at all.

The basic concept of this film was to use myself as a puppet or doll, I feel that in life the world and some of the people in it often use each other as though they are 'throw away' items, a doll that an unappreciative child might cast aside and throw in the bin.
       I considered this notion and related it to the way the world seems to me at times and thought, just because other people treat you as though you have no heart or feelings, doesn't mean you don't have them, and doesn't mean you can ever shake the desire to have one that isn't constantly trod upon.

I wanted to play with the possibilities of just been able to unzip your chest and rummage around inside there, as we do metaphorically every day.I wanted to portray the disappointment when we constantly try to rebuild ourselves and it seldom works.

The horrible notion that our heart's are our own, but we can't control what is done to them by others.

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