Saturday, 13 October 2012

Feline and Furness live at the Doll House cabaret

This is the second video from the Doll House Cabaret featuring two of my most turbulent double acts:
 Feline and Furness.

 Furness found feline in the garden one stormy day and decided to take him in, their love of performance grew and grew, resulting in the double act you see before you. Unfortunately Felines love for kitty narcotics grew too, leading to a rather turbulent relationship between the pair. Feline Denys his addiction and insists the performance downfalls are due to an unhealthy gin habit possessed by Furness.

(I was heavily influenced by gin ,,sorry, I mean I was heavily influenced by the work of DV8's physical theatre for this piece, along side the imagery of silent films and Wiemar Cabaret. The Furness character I have based upon Anita Berber, one of Germaine's leading silent movie stars, also an artist and performer. She was a wonderfully talented women who's ideas were risque and well beyond the times she lived in. she had serious liqueur and drug addictions and was known around Germany for her erotic and drug fuelled displays.So with this in mind I thought I would base a character around that, and add a drug addicted cat into the mix.

DV8 have always been a big influence upon me, I love the way they take everyday repetitive movements and turn them into something beautiful. If anyone has seen 'The Cost Of Living' they will understand this is where the head movement in my video has it's origins.
 I wanted the movement to be repetitive for two reasons, firstly , and most importantly because it looks good and fits with the music I wanted it to( the music being that of the Dresden dolls , also fitting in with the theme of Wiemar and Berlin cabaret)! and secondly because I like the use of repetitive movement to emphasise the every day. Although Cabaret is full of glamour , the performers have to meticulously rehearse so the show is flawless. This is something else I wanted to represent within this piece.

Over all I'm very proud of it, making work in such a way is a little different for me , but if i think about it , my mind has always been influenced by such things, I think it just took me a little while to realise this was the right path for me.

I have lots more planned for the doll house cabaret, new characters lined up and lots and lots of fun !

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