Saturday, 4 August 2012

sorry for the delay

For anyone who  follows my work I feel I must apologise for the delay in my future map animation. I find myself in a complete quagmire of confusion and frustration. I recently received the gift of a 'state of the art' computer program that , if you are computer literate and understand computer jargon and technical computer type things, would admittedly allow me to make amazing videos and animations. However I do not understand these things and it seems no one else around me does either , leaving me me in the before mentioned quagmire. I have sat for days watching tutorials and reading up on this program , and still can not work out what I need to. This is why my animation is not finished . I have all the images I need and I have the story, but must admit I'm finding it overly frustrating that the only thing I need now , is something i fear I shall never understand. I have read and read , and watched and watched , but still I don't understand how to change the timing and add audio etc,, I'm so frustrated I could in fact cry. I feel like giving up on it ,, but I refuse to do this so shall continue to frustrate myself further, until by some miracle I understand. If I do not however I'm afraid I shall have to just put it all together on my old program and have it less perfect than I imagined it would be. I'm sorry if anyone was looking forward to it, but I shall at least have something soon , even if i have to revert back to another less perfect program.

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