Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Body Possitive

This is my friend Chloe, not only is she one of the most talented paper folding geniuses in the world !she is also the most body positive woman I know!

Anyone who is close to me knows I have a very negative attitude towards my body. Over the last year I have made an effort to loose weight , and although I am still not completely happy with my body, by going to the gym and lots of classes I am a lot fitter and a bit lighter, however, I cant help but think I would be a lot happier if I could have the same attitude that Chloe does.

Another thing those close to me can tell you is that I take things to heart, I may act like a very happy carefree 'up yours' kind of person, but when people are cruel and personal about things that really don't matter such as weight and appearance it really does hurt me and affect me on a long term basis.
     For the past year along side eating healthy and going to the gym I also decided that , due to the negative attitude and comments of one person (the opinion of which I know is rubbish and means nothing) it would be a good idea to stop wearing bras and strap my breasts down so it looked like I had little to no breasts at all.
I've always had quite a large chest and honestly it never bothered me, but the nasty and uncalled for comments of one person stating :

" You're boobs are really your only asset, and if you lost them I really don't think I'd want to bother with you any more, and lets face it, your a big girl and if you lost all that weight you would look a lot better , but you would loose your only assets"
In my head I thought , I don't want you to bother with me anymore if you can say something so hurtful and shallow, but it also put a negative seed in my head that grew into the thought of, what if that's true? what if men really do only talk to me and like me because of these ridiculous objects attached to my chest? I felt completely objectified! it was obvious that this particular person only bothered with me for these reasons, but would everyone else just see me as this Parton chested fat girl they were doing a favour to by even bothering with me?
It has taken me almost a year to get this thought out of my head, firstly I thought about Dolly Parton,, she has the largest breasts I can think of, but she is and means so much more to me and thousands of other people around the world because aside from the fact she has breasts she is also a wonderfully talented woman! I know people don't like her for her breasts they like her for what a brilliant woman she is !
Secondly I have a brilliant  family and circle of friends, If there is one thing that has come out of all the negativity it is that I have met a group of amazing people, friends that accept me for all the positive aspects I possess, I know that the fact I can make people laugh, that I am kind to people and despite how I may have been made to feel in the past I am an interesting fun person to be around. Chloe and all the other wonderful friends in my life have made me see, the love and positivity you can find in people.
When I saw Chloe's doughnut picture it just made me smile. I feel very privileged to know someone who simply does not care what rude negative people think about her , and who, because she doesn't care will shove it in peoples faces, not feeling ashamed or worried about what people might think. She loves herself enough not to care and this is the perfect attitude to have, I really wish I thought about myself in such a way. I know a lot of horrid people have commented on this particular picture of Chloe and been very personal about it, but to me this is the most positive picture in the world, I wish everyone could see it the way I do.
 If Chloe can do this and be proud of everything she is, then maybe everyone can be like that. If the negative comments of one person can effect someone so much then why cant the positive attitudes and comments of people we care about and respect affect us in the same way? I feel that when we surround ourselves with genuine, positive people we can feel better, and hopefully the positive attitudes about out body can come out and drown the negative feelings we have.

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