Sunday, 1 June 2014

You'll Do

As I sat last night knitting and making offensive presents for my friends I thought about how happy I feel at the moment. Things seem to be going very well for me, I have wonderful friends and family and I continue to meet lots of lovely new friends as I go about my merry old business, allowing more and more opportunities to present themselves.

 I realised that I am actually very happy and content being single, and had a bit of a revelation, I realised that all the times I could think of when I felt really unhappy were because I had settled for something I thought I wanted but wasn't even close to anything I wanted.

I love behaving like I'm still 19, I love getting in at stupid o' clock and passing out in the kitchen, I love doing it all again the next day, I love just being me and not having to settle for what makes anyone else happy. I don't want to have to smile politely at someone's parents whilst they are rude to me, I don't want to pretend I'm interested in going on a boring date to see some arty farty  film I couldn't care less about, or some boring old place I'm not interested in.

Thus I wrote this song, to remind myself that settling for something that isn't right for you , is a very silly thing to do indeed

I hope you like it x

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