Thursday, 25 July 2013

a very quick update

I haven't updated this for a while so I do apologise, I've been extremely busy having fun , and making art of course. So I will be addressing this very soon.

A quick update , Old El Kahlo didn't make it through the Derwent art prize , but I have made a delightful book entitled :
The little book of Horrors'

This has been entered into the Sheffield artist book prize 2013

( a horror themed activity book dedicated to the beloved horror stars of old, featuring Vincent Price, peter Cushing and Vampira. if you like paper dolls , masks and all round spooky fun, this book is the book for you. I shall post pictures very soon)

My exhibition has now been taken down
I have a delightful new band named , The Antimacassars
I've been wowing my friends and the general public with my ukulele , and singing my heart out.

Also I bumped into an old friend today who has just set up his own shop on etsy selling hand painted t-shirts, (They are brilliant)

please have a gander

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