Friday, 26 April 2013

Hangman (round singing)

I've always been a fan of round singing and folk songs  ever since I was a child, however there seems to be a lack of people who want to sing with me, not being the sort of person to let a little thing like this get in my way I decided to stop waiting around for other people and just do it myself.

admittedly it isn't perfect, but I still like it.
I have a lot of new ideas and old poetry/ tales I want to re vamp into something much more wonderful and I think that perhaps round singing could possibly be a big part of that.

I like how the round sounds, it reminds me of something quite melancholy and chaotic, yet soothing at the same time, perhaps the way sirens of the sea may sound, haunting yet beautiful.

If you lack the company of other creative minds the best thing to do is be a one woman army!

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